with UI

To spin up the Cube/Pivot UI

import ultibi as ul
import polars as pl
import os

os.environ["RUST_LOG"] = "info"  # enable logs
os.environ["ADDRESS"] = ""  # host on this address

# Read Data
# for more details: https://pola-rs.github.io/polars/py-polars/html/reference/api/polars.read_csv.html
df = pl.read_csv("data/titanic.csv")

# Convert it into an Ultibi DataSet
ds = ul.DataSet.from_frame(df)

# By default (might change in the future)
# Fields are Utf8 (non numerics) and integers, but you can configure it
# through the config. See `Input and Data Sources` section.
# Measures are numeric columns.